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Jordan Hibbert

Innovative designs, powerful branding, and stunning digital art


Graphic Design

From branding to web design, social media, and copywriting, my work encompasses a wide range of skills and disciplines. With a passion for visual storytelling and a business background, I strive to create captivating designs with lasting results for brands. See some case studies below.

Born Brewing Co.
Motion Graphics

Entrusted with the dynamic task of bringing Born Brewing's latest line of beers to life, I spearheaded the creation of captivating motion graphics tailored for a social media debut. Each animation serves as a visual narrative, accentuating the distinct story and vibe behind every beer in the lineup. I crafted a vibrant and engaging showcase that not only complements the product launch but also enhances the brand's online presence, inviting audiences to savor the essence of each brew through the art of motion.

Halifax PLAYS

Branding, Web Design, Social Media

The Problem

Halifax PLAYS is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building community-driven sports programs. They were facing several challenges that hindered their online presence and outreach efforts. These challenges included a lack of brand consistency, an outdated website, and difficulties in managing volunteer-generated content.

My Solutions

Solidified Brand Identity:

Understanding the importance of a consistent brand image, we conducted an in-depth brand analysis and consultation with the PLAYS board of directors. This process helped in redefining and solidifying the organization's brand identity, which was then visually established across all communication channels.


Fresh Digital Presence:

Recognizing the significance of a modern and user-friendly online platform, I created a new website which would meet their unique needs. I built a fresh and engaging WordPress site that not only improved user experience but also projected a professional image for the organization.


Tutorials and Templates for Content Creation:

To overcome the challenge of managing volunteer-generated content, I developed user-friendly tutorials and templates. These resources empowered volunteers to create consistent and impactful content, ensuring a seamless flow of information and aligning it with the newly solidified brand guidelines.

The Outcome

Improved Interaction Rates Across Social Media:

With a clear and consistent brand identity, PLAYS witnessed a significant increase in social media interaction rates. The templates and visual consistency made communications workflows more streamlined, resulting in more followers' engagement, higher reach, and increased visibility. My email marketing templates also helped in boosting interaction rates by 175%.


Enhanced Website Credibility and Volunteer Accessibility:

The new WordPress website provided PLAYS with a dynamic and credible online platform. Additionally, the intuitive content creation system alongside my tutorials empowered the organization's volunteers to make timely updates without assistance.


My effort to revamp Halifax PLAYS brand identity, digital presence, and content creation strategy proved to be highly successful. The organization now enjoys a consistent and engaging

Armstrong Senior Care
Creative Director, Branding, Web Design

My Solutions


Full Brand Identity and Logo Creation:

Understanding the significance of a strong brand identity, I initiated an in-depth discovery process to understand the startup's values, mission, and target audience. Based on the findings, I developed a full brand identity, including multiple logo iterations and color palettes. This comprehensive approach ensured that the final logo reflected the organization's essence and appealed to their diverse audience.


Web Design Focused on Legibility and Education:

To cater to the unique target market of seniors and their caretakers, we designed a website with user-friendly navigation and a focus on accesibility. The design incorporated easy-to-read fonts, intuitive layouts, and educational content, enabling prospects to discover the benefits of program offerings with ease and confidence.


Strategizing Outreach to Caretakers and Family Members:

Recognizing the importance of reaching out to caregivers and family members, we devised a targeted marketing strategy. This involved creating strong informative content that resonated with their concerns and provided valuable insights into recreation therapy services. Effective print material was key along with social media channels optimized to engage a demographic looking for services for their senior parents.

Screen Shot 2023-07-20 at 1.13.01 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-07-20 at 1.20.05 PM.png

The Problem


Armstrong Senior Care, a new startup in the healthcare industry, faced the challenge of establishing a reliable brand identity before their launch. They required comprehensive branding materials, including a logo, brand guidelines, website, social media assets, and print materials, all within a tight timeframe. Moreover, their target market consisted of seniors and patients with memory care needs, making it essential to strategize ways to reach caregivers and family members effectively.

Screen Shot 2023-07-20 at 1.06.50 PM.png

The Outcomes


Consistent Brand Materials and Guidelines:

By providing a complete set of branded materials, including logos, guidelines, website, and print materials, we ensured that Armstrong Senior Care had a strong and cohesive brand identity to present to their audience at launch. This consistency projected a professional image and instilled trust in potential clients and partners.


Easily Accessible Website Generating Organic Leads:

The user-centric web design, with a focus on legibility and educational content, resulted in many organic leads. The website acts as a valuable resource for those seeking healthcare options for their loved ones.



Through my strategic branding and web design efforts, Armstrong Senior Care successfully established a strong brand identity and digital presence. The startup's reliable image and easily accessible website contributed to their early success in generating organic leads and gaining the trust of their target market.

Evil Bitwide

Alternative Marking Campaign 

My Solutions


Alternative Campaign Strategy Based on Satire:

Recognizing the power of humor in engaging audiences, we devised a strategy infused with comedy. This distinctive marketing angle aimed to differentiate the company from traditional lead generation firms by playing off industry stigma and stereotypes to establish a memorable brand presence.


Fictitious Alter Ego:

To create a captivating digital experience for prospects, I introduced a fictitious alter ego company with a tongue-in-cheek and parody-driven website. This playful narrative and unconventional presentation encouraged audience exploration, keeping visitors immersed in the brand's world.


Engaging Copy to Highlight Distinct Services:

I crafted compelling copy that addressed the negative connotations associated with overseas competitors. By sparking thoughts and discussions around the value of premium services, the copy reinforced BitWide's unique selling proposition.

The Problem

BitWide, a lead generation company, faced the challenge of finding a distinct marketing angle that would capture prospects' interest and drive them to take action. They aimed to stand out from the competition by providing a unique selling proposition – superior service at a higher cost with an intimate knowledge of prospects as opposed to overseas competition.

The Outcome


The implementation of the comedy-driven marketing strategy proved to hold visitors' attention longer than the default landing page and encourage exploration with a higher interaction rate.  




Through the strategic adoption of comedy and an out-of-the-box approach, I was able to craft a digital campaign that captivated prospects and set them apart from the competition. The fictitious alter ego company and tongue-in-cheek website provided a unique digital experience that held visitors' attention longer and encouraged meaningful interaction.

Material Design
Academic and Personal Projects

My graphic design certificate and personal development have equipped me with invaluable experience in graphic design, enabling me to deliver high-quality designs even on tight deadlines. With a strong emphasis on both aesthetics and functionality, I specialize in creating captivating and unique designs that elevate product experiences. Drawing on my artistic abilities and marketing expertise, I excel in conceiving innovative packaging concepts and carefully considering branding elements for impactful results.


Digital Art

I create my art under the pseudonym Osiris Vista. Through this identity, I delve into the realm of digital art to sharpen my skills, deconstruct the works of my favourite artists, and ultimately develop my unique creative voice and design style.

Untitled design.gif
Parallel Lines

Osiris Vista 
Digital Art

My artistic roots trace back to my early exploration with Adobe software in the ninth-grade. It was during this time that I discovered my fascination with vaporwave-inspired art, which served as a catalyst for my creative evolution. To encapsulate the mysticism of Egyptian mythology along with the dial up era of Windows Vista, I adopted the pseudonym Osiris Vista. Vaporwave represents a neoclassical revival in the digital age, and as I have matured as both a designer and an artist, this ideology has become ingrained in my style and interests.

One aspect that continually fuels my creativity is the study of historical design styles and their evolution. In my personal artistic style, I draw inspiration from the alternative movements of Dada, Cubism, Pop Art, and counter-culture ideologies of the late 20th century. This influence has steered my creative direction away from minimalist design philosophies, embracing instead the maximalist anti-design trends that pushes me to defy boundaries and challenge conventions.


Apparel Design

I'm passionate about creating custom clothing and have undertaken various branding projects to bring my vision to life. Explore my diverse designs that showcase my love for fashion and personal expression.

rocket-artist-jordan-18 copy.png

The Rocket Studio
Local Artist Program

I am currently involved in the Rocket Studios paid artist program, collaborating with this apparel store to facilitate their expansion and rebranding efforts through the creative contributions of local artists. As part of this program, I am working on producing a captivating clothing series that merges art and fashion, infusing unique designs onto garments that reflect the brand's vision. In addition to the apparel line, I am also involved in preparing gallery presentations, showcasing the artistic journey and inspirations behind the collection. This involvement allows me to combine my artistic skills with the world of fashion, creating a dynamic fusion of visual art and wearable design for Rocket Studios' exciting rebranding endeavor.

rocket-artist-jordan-5 copy.png
rocket-artist-jordan-10 copy.png
rocket-artist-jordan-2 copy.png

Branding, Web Design, Social Media

My design work for Brain_Bunk revolves around creating comedic and meme-inspired t-shirts that blend quality graphics with fashionable designs. With a focus on creating eye-catching and humorous apparel, I strive to capture the essence of pop culture and internet trends. I also took on the responsibility of creating and managing an online ecommerce store through Shopify. This involved curating an engaging shopping experience for customers and ensuring smooth transactions. To expand the brand's reach and engage with a wider audience, I created compelling social media content and ran TikTok campaigns, leveraging the platform's viral potential to showcase the brand's distinct style and attract new customers.

Dawg House
Branding, Social Media

During school, I conducted a branding experiment using funny party compilation videos and hand-printed t-shirts. By sharing entertaining videos and creating catchy t-shirts, I built a unique brand that resonated with partygoers, exploring the intersection of humor, video content, and fashion.



I'm passionate about creating custom clothing and have undertaken various branding projects to bring my vision to life. Explore my diverse designs that showcase my love for fashion and personal expression.

Innovation & Design Projects

During my innovation and entrepreneurship studies in my Bachelor of Management program, my design work revolved around utilizing design thinking methodologies. Through this approach, we would generate novel ideas and strategically position them within their respective markets. By conducting benchmarking research and employing empathy-driven techniques, we gained valuable insights to inform our ideation and design processes. This allowed us to create innovative products that addressed user needs and stood out in the competitive landscape.

Film Studies Video Projects

As part of my film studies minor, I embarked on captivating video projects, including a zero-budget short film and a curated film program. Through resourcefulness and creativity, I brought a compelling narrative to life in the short film, despite limited resources. Additionally, I curated a film program that offered a unique cinematic journey, showcasing carefully selected movies to evoke specific themes and emotions. These projects exemplified my passion for filmmaking, storytelling, and engaging audiences through the art of visual communication.

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